Genre Link Description
Music Producers Electrypnose WebSite of Electrypnose
DJ's Bombadil MySpace Account of DJ Bombadil, Iguanaloco, Swiss
Tsunamix MySpace Account of DJ Tsunamix, Mythosprod, Swiss
Party Organisations Iguanaloco Iguanaloco Partys, Swiss
Mythosprod Mythosprod, Swiss
Ooze Bar MySpace Account of Ooze Bar Bangkok
Mystical Forum Swiss party calendar and psy forum
Musical Instruments Roland Roland musical instruments USA, WebSite Schweiz
Clavia Clavia, Nord Lead, Sweden
Access Access Virus, Germany
Eventide Eventide Audio, professional effect gear, USA
RME Audio interface technology, Germany
Genelec Genelec studio monitoring, Finland
Native Instruments Software synthesizers and samplers, Germany
TC Electronic professional effect gear, Germany
Mackie Mackie, analog mixers, USA
Future Retro Real analog synthesizers, USA
TB303 related web WebSite from the maker of the alucases
Devil Fish TB303 "Devil Fish" modificatin by Robin Whittle, Australia
Borg TB303 "Borg" modification by Analogue Solutions, England